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We understand how frustrating it can be when a patient is unable to tolerate their CPAP, and we are here to help. At Sleep Wellness Matters, our office follows the AADSM protocol for treating sleep apnea.

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  • We will always send follow-up letters so you can follow along with your patient’s treatment.
  • We will always require a referral from your patient’s sleep doctor or primary care doctor.
  • We are in-network with most insurances and can secure GAP exceptions when we are not so it is easy for patients to use their insurance benefits.
  • We do not believe in delivering bulky and cheap appliances which makes it harder for patients to use them. Our appliances are streamlined and durable, and they all come with a 3-year warranty.
  • We believe that oral appliance therapy and sleep apnea treatment are important, so we make a point to attend various Continuing Education courses on the topic as well as reading new studies.
  • We always aim to be honest with our patients and will tell them if we think that Oral appliance therapy may not work for them based on what we have found during their consultation.
  • At our facility, we teach patients how to use bed wedges, nasal cones/strips, sleep masks, and other adjunct treatments. We also cover diet/weight loss and proper vitamin levels for healthy sleep hygiene.
  • Although oral appliances are newly proven to be effective, CPAP is still considered the most successful treatment for Sleep Apnea.

woman waking up from a restful night of sleepDr. Naina Mahale is passionate about meeting with other physicians and discussing Oral Appliance therapy, and how our practice can be a resource for their patients. If you feel this would be beneficial for your office, please call us to schedule a lunch or breakfast learning session.

*Please note, in order to refer a patient to our office, we need the following items:

  • A copy of the patient’s Medical Insurance Card and demographic information
  • A Diagnostic Sleep Study
  • Medical record notes before and after the sleep study
  • A prescription for the appliance

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