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When you need relief from sleep apnea and its symptoms, Sleep Wellness Matters is here for you with an expert team and a caring, customized approach to OSA treatment. Our dentist, Dr. Naina Mahale, is one of only 4 dentists within our Greater Charlotte Metro area who has had specialized training in the field of sleep apnea, and is distinguished at the highest level of sleep wellness care!

Sleep Wellness Matters wellness wallFrom your first visit and beyond, Dr. Mahale and her team will dedicate themselves to improving your sleep and overall quality of life. Our team can file in-network with most major insurance companies, including Medicare. We will work with your insurance company and figure out co-pays and preauthorization if any and do our very best to minimize any out-of-pocket costs, and offer financing and flexible payment options to help you get the treatment you need.

Our Waxhaw sleep clinic utilizes the latest technologies that will enable us to provide care at a much higher level as compared to an average dental office.

Does Insurance Cover Dental Sleep Appliances?

For most patients, the cost for your dental sleep therapy at Sleep Wellness Matters will be covered by your medical insurance, since dental sleep therapy is considered a medical procedure even though only a specially trained dentist can provide this type of treatment. At Sleep Wellness Matters, our staff are experienced and trained to help you obtain your maximum medical benefits at a minimum cost to you.

How Does Sleep Apnea Treatment Work?

When you visit Sleep Wellness Matters for sleep apnea treatment with a custom oral appliance, our sleep coordinators will work closely with you to check benefits with your insurance and get any pre-authorizations that are needed. Our team will also assist in getting a prescription and letter of medical necessity from your primary care provider or sleep doctor.

Our team will work with you to see if your insurance company provides coverage for oral appliances. We also accept Medicare! If needed, we'll help you develop a financial plan so that the sleep apnea treatment you need is still possible. Many people find that the quality of their lives greatly increases after beginning treatment for sleep apnea, making it well worth the time and money invested!

Sleep Apnea Relief at Sleep Wellness Matters

Dr. Mahale and her team are experts in sleep wellness. Call today to schedule your sleep consultation and get the relief you need!

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