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Our team takes pride in the quality of care and compassion we provide to our patients. Take a look at our patient testimonials to preview the Sleep Wellness Matters patient experience!

“I am in the final phase of finishing the fine-tuning of my sleep apnea oral device, and I am very happy and relieved to report that it is working! My snoring is almost nonexistent and I have the data as well as a happy family to prove it. In addition to minimizing the medical risks involved with leaving my obstructed sleep apnea untreated, I feel so much more rested during the day having had a better night’s sleep. I was surprised and yet reassured at what a technical and scientific process it all is! Dr. Mahale and Denise have had extensive training in this field and are experts from start to finish with their same friendly and supportive chairside demeanor. I feel confident in every aspect of their care, and I am happy to be a healthier and more restful sleeper.”

Margi S.

“Everyone was exceptionally polite and did an outstanding job of walking me through what they were going to do, explained costs very well and gave me options, did not pressure me anyway. Their office was very neat, and clean and there were no loud voices. My privacy was respected throughout. This was the most thorough visit I have ever had to any dental office. They even suggested doing more today to save me a trip back in 3-4 weeks. I really appreciated that.”


“Several months ago, during a routine cleaning, I was asked some questions about my sleep routine and had anyone told me that I snore or that I stop breathing during my sleep? I was currently wearing an over-the-counter mouth guard to help with snoring and grinding teeth. It improved the snoring a little, but it was causing my bottom teeth to shift and become loose. Strive Dental Studio gave me the opportunity to use an at-home testing program to evaluate and record my sleep and breathing. I wasn't surprised when the results came back confirming that I had moderate sleep apnea. I was given several options to improve my overall sleep experience and I chose the mouthpiece to open my airway and eliminate my snoring. With a couple of adjustments, I have reached my goal. I sleep better, I don't wake up tired and there is no more snoring. It was a game changer for me! Thank you Strive Dental Studio for helping me achieve this goal!!!”


“The device works well. After coming from CPAP, this device is much more comfortable and allows me to sleep better at night. It also allows my wife a better quality sleep. The device is very easy to use. Great advice and information at setup. Answered all questions with knowledge. When I lost the appliance they made it easy to set a replacement.”

Brian O.

“Having never worn a retainer, the device seemed somewhat bulky when I first tried it. That feeling lasted only as long as it took me to fall asleep, which was not long. The sleep quality I am getting now is great! I feel better rested when I wake up and healthier overall. The office & staff has been great; very informative and conscientious.”

Chad J.

“The device is wonderful. It freed up the need to travel with a CPAP machine. It freed me from the leaking noisy CPAP. My husband is thrilled with the new “quiet” of our bedroom. The switch to the device has been easy and wonderful. I am so glad I made the decision to try it and then switch! The staff had excellent communication with the whole process, time was efficient, and felt that everyone took their time to be sure I was comfortable. Highly recommend!”

Jeanie W.

“This is the most professional, caring, the feel-a-good dental office I have ever experienced. The equipment is state of the art. Everything that can be done to educate and share what dental procedures are necessary with the patient is done. I felt so relaxed and confident in Dr. Mahale as well as her entire staff. There is nothing that could be improved upon. I would never go anywhere else.”


“Dr. Mahale is the most compassionate and kind professional. I have never seen a doctor care so much about her patients. Her staff is wonderful, too. Judy, the receptionist, is sincerely the nicest person in the entire world! I’m always impressed with the quality of care, and I might add, I thought it was exceptionally kind when Dr. Mahale’s staff called just to ask me how I was doing and to see if I needed anything when the Covid situation first began. That is what you call one fantastic dental practice. How incredibly kind and welcoming. I won’t go anywhere else for my dental care.”


“Very efficient and friendly staff. I felt valued and appreciated. Clean and safe environment. I would recommend this dentist unconditionally! She and the staff are welcoming, warm and professional. I truly feel cared for and respected. I appreciate their attention to detail to make this a pleasant experience. The office has a calming sense to it- colors, scents, sounds. I am very thankful to be one of their clients.”


"Thank you, Dr. Mahale and Denise, Strive's sleep champion, for all that you have done to help my husband and as a result, help me. My husband has suffered with sleep apnea for years and despite numerous attempts using a CPAP machine and trying various nose pieces and masks, he has never been able to successfully use a sleep apnea machine for any length of time. As anyone knows who has had a similar experience, sleep apnea impacts the quality of sleep for the person who has the condition as well as their partner. Since he has been using the Prosomnus prescribed and fitted by Dr. Mahale and Denise, his quality of sleep and quality of life has vastly improved. He quickly adjusted to wearing the oral device and enjoyed the benefits of better sleep immediately. Everyone at Strive Dental has been extremely patient, professional, and compassionate throughout the entire process, always taking the time to explain the device itself in detail. This is no small feat when dealing with someone who has difficulty hearing. I am grateful that there is an alternative to a CPAP machine and for the kind, knowledgeable people at Strive Dental. Thanks for all that you have done."


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